San Marco 3D – BIM for Cultural Heritage

The Basilica of San Marco is a singular case in the field of Cultural heritage, as it constitutes a construction site always active for the maintenance and preservation of the basilica itself. The continuous intervention of conservation, due to the particular environmental
conditions of Venice and the opening to the public, together with the complexity of the building itself, imposes the need to identify an optimized management system. For this reason, in 2013 the Procurator of St. Marco Basilica commissioned the construction of a
3D model of the Basilica to be used for the creation of a BIM.

The model must meet the required precision of the scale of 1:50, and should also include, in addition to the geometric description, a description of the mosaic and marble surfaces of the basilica through high resolution orthophoto which are essential for the restoration of the mosaics.

san marco 1 san marco 2

san marco 3Cattura_5 san marco4