The Gonzagas’ palace: architecture of time.

Il Palazzo dei Gonzaga: architettura nel tempo.

Palazzo Ducale in Mantua is an emblematic case of complex architecture, in which the current configuration is the result of centuries of additions, modifications and substitutions. The understanding of buildings with such a degree of complexity is very difficult and requires, most of the time, a specialized training. Nevertheless, this understanding is also the necessary tool to recognizing the real value, not only architectural but also cultural, historic and documentary of Gonzagas’ complex.

This research project tries to build new forms of communication that will enable the non-specialist public to grasp the complexity of the Gonzaga palace. So it is necessary to merge the well-established languages with innovative elements that allow a clear and immediate reading.

Different technologies have been used: physical models, digital models, videoprojections, videomapping, virtual parorama.

snapshot video

allestimento palazzo ducale+videoproiettore-Model

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